Fabulous Satellite

It occurred to me that in my prior post noting the closing of this institution, that I did not advocate a boycotting of Star Pizza, which is the establishment shutting down the Fabulous Satellite Lounge.

But more importantly (despite that I mention is last), it also occurred to me that with the FabSat closing, it will join the ranks of Rockefellers, which is effectively shut down as a performance hall. I think it either continues (or some other owner rents the hall as) a private party hall. The two clubs were pretty much right next door to one another and represented much of the best musical history that has come through Houston, usually on the way up.

I know I’ve missed Rockefellers more than I may miss FabSat, but the loss of them both just compounds things. I recall seeing Jeff Healy perform at Rockefellers and it was literally one of the most magical shows I’ve ever borne witness to. To the unknowing, Jeff Healey is a blind blues guitar player from the Toronto area. He was a fantastic musician, brilliant songwriter, a wailer on guitar, and ironically given his blindness, one hell of an entertainer. The only other events I can recall from Rock’s was Judy Tenuta (a comedian), and Al DiMeola (a jazz guitarist who had a profound influence on rock guitarists of the 80s).

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About the only club I can now name on Washington Ave is Mary Janes … and it’s a hellhole that somehow manages to attract some decent nu-punk bands for some reason or another. Could this be an omen that one day, all concert venues will be owned by ClearChannel Communications? Damn, give me the box cutters to slit my wrists now if it is!